Mr Boost Portable Phone Charger

If you’re ever out and about and caught short for mobile battery life this quirky mobile phone charger is the answer. The milk carton shaped Mr Boost Portable Mobile Phone Charger will be on hand to help!



Chocolate Cupcake Pillow

If you love cupcakes so much you can now hug one to sleep. This pillow would look ideal on your sofa or bed and certainly not give you cravings whatsoever.



Hip Flask with Collapsible Shot Glass

It’s getting darker earlier and the days are getting colder so this the Original Hip Flask with Built in Collapsible shot glass is the ideal companion for the winter days.



Men’s Pacman Ghosts T-Shirt

Weird to think that PacMan with be 25 Years old next year. This is the perfect gift for a vintage arcade gamer. Navy blue with beautifully printed Pacman ghosts on the front!



The Vino Vault

The Vino Vault is a reusable lock in which you have to enter the correct code before enjoying a glass. One way to guarantee that the wine gift you’re about to give stays unopened for long enough to become vintage.



Guard Dog Money Box Piggy Bank

What better protection of your savings than a Guard Dog Money Box.  This little pooch is made from ceramic (much stronger than porcelain) and will ensure your precious cash is kept safe…



Death Star Cookie Jar

What better container for storing biscuits and cookies in than a death star cookie jar.  Beautifully made out of glazed ceramic, it will look fantastic in your kitchen- or wherever else you store your precious snacks…



Beer Lover’s Gift Plant

The perfect beer gift to send any budding ale enthusiast.  It contains a wonderful golden hop ready to plant accompanied with delicious real ale chutney.  Get Planting!



iMusic Bluetooth Pillow

Listening to music in bed is great apart from those pesky wires which always get in the way. Enter the imusic pillow. Using adapted headphone technology, the sound transmits through the pillow at comfortable listening level. Now you can twist and…



HTML Beer Glasses

Turn drinking beer into an HTML inspired happy hour. These beer glasses are ideal for the true coding geek. Pour the beer, letting it fill the <body> tag of course but make sure you keep the <head> for the head.